Nursing Home Stay

Nursing Home Stay

AIC/Private Long-Term Stay

Managing the needs of our elderly or loved one can be daunting, especially if they suffer from chronic or debilitating conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease which require constant attention. If you are too busy at work or cannot find a suitable caregiver, Green Avenue residences offer you peace of mind with our quality and professional caregiving service for long-term residents.

Our full-time doctors and medical staff are always on hand to ensure their health and medications are in order. The homely, warm and secure qualities of our various nursing homes also make the transition into a new environment more manageable for residents and their families.

Green Avenue is conveniently located across the island and accessible via public transport, so you can drop by easily to spend quality time with your loved ones. We also organise regular events and activities, serving as opportunities to build friendships.

Respite Care Stay (Max 3 months Short Term)

Is your domestic helper going on home leave, or you are waiting for your new helper to arrive? We offer short-term stay adequate for interim periods.

You may also consider a short-term stay if your elderly relative has been discharged from hospital but is not physically well enough for self-care at home yet. If they have had surgery and need convalescent, stepped-down nursing care or recovery physiotherapy, our well-trained medical professionals can also help them get back on their feet.

As a caregiver, you may be suffering from caregiver fatigue and need a temporary break or a short holiday; you can take your break with peace of mind when your loved one is cared for at Green Avenue.

AIC Interim Discharge Programme (IDP)

To facilitate the discharge of patients from Public Hospitals and Community Hospitals to Private Nursing Homes (PNHs) under the Portable Subsidy Scheme (PSS) in the interim while the patients await permanent Voluntary Nursing Home (VWO-NH) placement.