Therapy activities are holistically planned. For Physical Wellness, examples are Simulated Presence Therapy for Dementia, Tai-chi Exercises, Stepping Blocks, Hands/Legs Pedal, Chair Games. For Mental Wellness, exercising the brain, stimulating memory skills, co-ordinating hands-eyes are done through games which include Mahjong, Dominoes, Colours/Shapes Sorting, Words Games, Alphabet Arrangement, Passing the Big ball. Picking Marbles / Ping Pong Balls, Reality Orientation, Music, etc. For Sensory Stimulation, it includes Relaxation Music Doll Therapy, Bumpie Bell, etc. Last but not least for Spiritual Wellness, we have included Prayers, Choir (hymns/ others), Discussion, etc. For 2017, we are looking to include Garden Reminiscent Area (GRA) which is uniquely conceived, unlike many homes where reminiscence are mere indoor cupboard-kept items. GRA is aimed to aid seniors keep what little memories left through reminiscence.

We provide residential care, 24/7 – Our Multi-Disciplinary Care Team comprises Nursing, Medical, Therapy, Admin, Ops and Ancillary (Pharmacist and Dietician Services).

We are committed to serve our seniors, regardless of medical condition – Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, stroke, recurrent falls, fracture, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, cognitive and physical impairments, cancer – and the list goes on, including the wheelchair-bound and bed-bound. Where our seniors need to go to hospitals / polyclinics for check-ups, transport services can be arranged.

Our Care Team supports our residents’ Activities of Daily Living (ADL) – in a professional manner where standards are guided by Agency for Integrated Care’s Enhanced Nursing Healthcare Standards (ENHS), as well as Green Avenue Home for the Elderly’s Standard Operating Procedures. Therapy wise, we have structured programs that therapeutically engage our seniors in a holistic manner, whether physical, social, mental or spiritual. For example, seniors may reject rehabilitation for fear of pain or fall, and we do not rush them. Instead, we do so patiently, using words of encouragement and building relationship as the foremost, we slowly but steadily gain their trust and help them to bring their confidence back to make their own life happens once again, albeit in small incremental steps; and, for those seniors who had gained enough confidence, we also bring them outdoors for outings to various places of interest every 2-monthly.